About Us

2020 is a Destination Imagination team led by us four first-generation students.

Odalis Flores

Hello! My name is Odalis. I’m 17 and a junior at Redmond High School. My journey to college thus far has been fairly difficult. I am an immigrant that did not apply for DACA before it was taken away so I will not be applicable for several things without a social security number. However, with the help of many friends, my experience has been going much easier than it would have without them.

Thank you!

So, that was my reason for creating this site with my lovely friends. Everyone has the right to access information on higher education. Just remember that your hard work will eventually benefit you!

Marla Gonzalez

Hi people! My name’s Marla and I’m 17. I’m currently a junior in high school. I’m also doing full time Running Start at Cascadia College. Halfway through my sophomore year, I started getting asked what I wanted to do after high school. If I wanted to further my education. And in all honesty, I did but had no idea how I was going to be able to. Coming from a low-income family, there’s always that worry that we won’t be able to afford it. But then I was told about FAFSA. I had no knowledge of it, and it’s a great way to get grants that help you pay for tuition. As a first generation-student, my parents couldn’t help me with school related things. So, we wanted to have a place where first-generation students could go to and have the information necessary to further their education after high school.

Abril Martinez Rodriguez

Hi! My name is Abril. I’m a junior at Redmond High School and I’m also doing part-time running start at Bellevue College. It wasn’t until this year that I really started to think about what university I envision myself going to. There are various options out there but the tough decision is choosing the path that feels “right”. There are many barriers that lead me to think that my chances to get to a university were slim. Now that I have the proper information about the scholarships that I can apply for and the resources that the universities have to offer, I can already see the path to my own success. Being a first-generation student has shown me various challenges but the beauty of it is that I can connect with others as we collaborate and I can help those that come after me. I hope that this website opens some doors for you! We all deserve the opportunity to achieve our dreams.

Isabel Castellon

Hi all!

My name is Isabel. I am a Junior at Redmond High School and currently enrolled in the Running Start program at Bellevue College. Although I am still not sure what I want to study, I definitely plan on attending college/university after finishing high school. The thought of possibly leaving home and not getting accepted into one of my desired schools sometimes makes me want to forget about my future goals because of how stressful it will get. The road to college has many bumps but I believe that with the right information and the right people around us, we can comfortably walk that path. This is one of the reasons my friends and I created this (hopefully) helpful website.

For all you high school students who are losing brain cells by stressing about college, our website welcomes you.